Jordan Wirfs-Brock

(lead and primary contact)

Jordan explores how to bring data into our everyday lives as a creative material using participatory data representations that engage all the senses, especially sound. Jordan is a PhD candidate in Information Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Previously, she was a data journalist covering the energy industry, where she made complex data stories approachable using animations, live performances, and visualizations.

Max Graze


Max is a data visualization engineer at MURAL who comes from a research-focused, academic background. She is driven to use data as a means to engage in her many passions, which include linguistics and fermentation, with the end goal of creating visceralizations out of these themes.

Laura Devendorf

Laura designs, develops and studies technologies that destabilize practice in order to prompt creative, thoughtful, and attentive engagements with the everyday. She is an assistant professor of Information Science and an ATLAS Institute fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she directs the Unstable Design Lab. She has organized ACM CHI and CSCW workshops on subjects of “Disruptive Improvisation” tactics for design, broader approaches to designing for care, and research through design. Her current research focuses on using textiles to speculate on futures for sustainable and inclusive electronics practices.

Audrey Desjardins

Audrey is an interaction design researcher who speculatively and critically examines how people live with technology. She designsinteractive artifacts and systemsthat reimagine the familiar co-existence of humans and things, often in the mundane space of a home. She is an assistant professor in the School of Art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington, where she directs Studio Tilt. She has organized workshops at ACM CHI and DIS on the topics of research through design, frst-person methods, and the design of technology for the home.

Visda Goudarzi

Visda is a music technologist working at the intersection of audio and human-computer interaction. She designs and performs with interactive and participatory sonic interfaces. Her research interests include auditory interfaces, interactive and participatory design, sound and music computing, live coding, and data sonifcation. She is an Assistant Professor of Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago and works as the principal investigatorforthe Austrian funded project COLLAB (Collaborative Creativity as a Participatory Tool for Interactive Sound Creation). Visda also performs live electronics as a member of intrasonic electronic duo.

Mikhaila Friske

Mikhaila researches how the act of translating data into diferent material crafts uncovers tensions and meaning in the information that has been enumerated and compressed. Their previous work has focused on working across materialities and practices that center humans and materials over technology and data. They are a graduate student in the Information Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder and are a part of the Unstable Design Lab.

Brian Keegan

Brian is a computational social scientist who explores the role of disruptions on social behaviors like online collaboration. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research primarily uses quantitative methods like network, spatial, and text analysis that have fascinating constraints and opportunities for representing data through non-visual senses. He has previously organized panels at ACM CHI and CSCW around online deviance, social data analytics, and cannabis informatics.